• Tips Membuat Bihun Goreng Yang Asli Jawa

    Tips Membuat Bihun Goreng Yang Asli Jawa - Down the narrow alleys? alley which to me is like a small town forgotten? eyes intermittently glancing at the starry sky, the houses are empty, the walls do not berkegunaan, intermittently glancing also Nessa which runs right in front of me. Without turning the slightest Nessa tells a lot about the 'habitat'nya this, ranging from its origins to an incident that caused the inhabitants flocked to leave their homes because of the threat of a terrorist decades ago. Of course I was not interested and the mind flows in other majors. I just sighed, grateful there was still someone who gave shade in conditions like today -kondisi tersulitku where I lost almost all the material that did not get me used to support misiku- one old fellow who appears like a firefly in the dark when my colleagues are others disappeared without a trace.

    But, in the deserted complex in fact there is also a complete house with lights blazing atom from a distance. He login first and inevitably, because of the lack of furniture in it, I just can unwind just by sitting on the cold tile floor. Nessa, who is two years older than me, no taller than a closet in the room mini apartment. Pang tension ugly wafted throughout the house so I see him put a rickety bench right in front of the entrance that has been closing. He was standing on it on tiptoe, then amplify the manual slide lock as well turn off the lights on the porch. Yellow bulb above so that we are the only light in the house anyway -maybe in this complex.

    "Alright," Nessa muttered. "My sense is safe. You can get to the bunker now. In the kitchen, not locked. "

    I see this as a home kitchen room that blends with a relaxing lounge with television sail cracked. Nessa once said, the television has been years can not be ignited by an electric shock of lightning during a thunderstorm. The lighting was just coming from the front room earlier. Once the door bunker who first welcomed? again, again? aroma tension. I do not see any stairs and therefore I stick out my right foot into the base of a dark bunker concentrated.

    I feel there is one meter below ground field consisting of damp wood. Then I was desperate to jump into. It turns out here is not as dark as I thought. The rooms were very spacious. The atmosphere is like in the old-fashioned bar that has long been abandoned. Somehow, a beam of orange light seeping from cracks above and provide enough light to see some cabinet with hundreds of rusty lockers. However, a padlock that had been installed at each door none rusty. Secretly I was stunned. Began to fumble while guessing what the content of each of the lockers obsolete. Who knew there was something so I need? something that can be mortgaged with the money? if only the lockers are not locked. But, suddenly the thought off and evaporates from my head when Nessa cleared his throat behind me. I pulled my hand from rust locker and turned back.

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