• Kerjakan Ayam Rica Rica Pedas dan Gurih

    Kerjakan Ayam Rica Rica Pedas dan Gurih - National snack ya, Meatball! I think rarely meet people who do not like the same foods made from meat and shape of the balls. Alone in Bandung there are so many places to eat meatballs are also much in demand Bandung residents or those who come to Bandung, Malang Meatballs Enggal one in Jalan Burangrang 12.

    Do jiper first with slalu snaking queue, queue adherents wrote first, then take the bowl contents. Well, this bowl ngisi fitting parts guarantee, you will go crazy! It may even take all its variants, penampakknya which makes us pretty tasteful to eat a lot.

    Space provided here are many, ranging from dry like fried dumplings, fried meatballs and cresol until the basahan like dumplings, tofu meatballs, meatball large veins, large meatballs smooth, and small meatballs. Or it could be a message paketan, as some time ago tried. A package containing all the items available earlier.

    Malang warm bowl of meatballs can directly warm the body amid the cold night duo that time. For you who want to try, please come here from 9am to 10pm. Queued little old must be paid to the unfortunate pleasure of meatballs this Enggal style!

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