• Cara Membuat Kue Lumpur Lembut dan Lumer di Mulut

    Cara Membuat Kue Lumpur Lembut dan Lumer di Mulut - Until one day there is free time we could walk together, and I'm happy and comfortable close to Dika. But in my heart since the first meeting Dika and Diki Diki I've noticed, I like the serious nature mature and reserved. In contrast to the Dika always made strange remarks that make people around him laugh with foolishness. I also do not understand during the road with Dika I am comfortable but why in this heart always wanted to know about Diki. Until now, even I never met again Diki Dika always close to me, well it turns out Diki already moved to Jakarta to go with her uncle went there.

    Over the course of time I and Oliver equally as comfortable and attracted to each other we finally decided to establish a relationship. Our relationship no one knows alias secretly dating hehe, is to keep that one day we got together no different. It's been almost a month of our relationship, but the longer we increasingly tenuous Dika was no longer like early know more indifferent he is now busy themselves and rarely giving the news. Plus I heard that Diki was also going out with classmates Arumi Rani name, I feel weird and like not sincere when Diki with others. What is this? It is very clear this is wrong.

    And today Diki home from Jakarta, there is joy in the heart, but when he heard the reason Diki home only to meet Rani I became upset and did not want to know about them. I and Oliver was getting away and there is a sense of guilt in the hearts of this Dika Dika away what I think because I always consider our relationship mediocre nothing special and most make Dika angry when I was always asked about Diki him.

    Yes indeed during our walk together I always had to ask how's Diki him, perhaps because the question you always wanted to know about Diki makes Dika angry and feel that I like to Diki. I tried to contact Dika but he never reply to a message from me, and because I'm selfish I decided to stay away also from Dika. I wonder what I also do not understand it all. Early sweet yet bitter endless.

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